Sunshine & Scoops

MEDIUM Self Care Scoop (10 capsules)

$19.00 - $25.00
Image of MEDIUM Self Care Scoop (10 capsules)

*This mystery scoop includes 10 capsules.

Every scoop comes with a FREEBIE!


-ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer refunds.
-LIMIT OF (3) EXCLUSIONS. If you have allergies, you may ask to exclude "all masks" or "all food."
-PROCESSING TIME IS 15-25 BUSINESS DAYS for processing/packing, not including weekends or holidays. This does not include shipping time or posting your video.
-USA shipping only
-As of February 11th, 2023, there is a fee for packing your video for TikTok. THESE HAVE LIMITED AVAILABILITY PER MONTH.
You must select this option at checkout for a video, no exceptions. IF YOU ORDER MULTIPLE SCOOPS AND WANT A VIDEO OF YOUR ORDER, you only need to select *Yes, I want a video of my order being packed* ONE time per order. Select no for the other scoops and you will still get a video.
-Please review the Shop Policies page before purchasing.

Possible items include:
-Fuzzy socks
-Beauty blender (full size)
-Lip scrub
-Night time firming face mask
-Scalp scrubber
-Hand sanitizer
-Amethyst pendant necklace
-Mud mask
-Under eye mask
-Lip mask
-Keratin gloves
-Keratin socks
-Face scrubber
-Lip scrubber
-Face razor
-Soft make up remover towel
-Sleep mask (eye cover)
-Spa headband
-Lip gloss
-Chapstick keychain
-Hand sanitizer keychain and bottle
-Lash kit with tweezer and spool
-Shower Steamer
-Bath bomb
-Nail file and buffer set
-Nail brush
-Creaseless hair clips (2)
-Claw hair clip
-Incense holder
-Incense sticks (5)
-Compact mirror
-Candles, unscented (2)
-Make up bag
-Exfoliating gloves (2)
-Enamel moth pin
-Macaron jewelry holder
-Flower keychain
-Crystal heart (1)
-Stickers (5)
-Magnetic bookmarks (2)
-Diamond pen
-Mask applicator
-Nails with glue and cuticle pusher
-Fruity drink coaster
-Ear cleaning tool kit
-Cuticle oil (1mL bottle)
-Keratin hair mask
-Face serum (2)
-Chair phone stand
-Make up brush cleaning pad
-Monthly special (Limited availability. See TikTok for this month's special)

*I allow two duplicates of an item unless you specify in the notes at checkout that you do not want duplicates. If you order more than one scoop, you will have to have duplicates. Again, I only allow two per item unless you order 3+ scoops.

*If you have any allergies or wish to exclude any of the items listed, you can leave a note at checkout. LIMIT (3) PER ORDER. You can also leave a note telling me which color theme you would like, or we can keep it random!*

If you have any further questions, please email me at [email protected].