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THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items)

Image of  THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items) Image of  THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items) Image of  THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items) Image of  THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items)

The Kawaii Scoop comes in one XL size! You are guaranteed to get at least 32-40 items in this scoop.

Each bead shape & color represents a specific item. If I pull multiples of one type of bead, you get multiples of that item!

Every scoop comes with a FREEBIE!


-ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer refunds.
-LIMIT OF (3) EXCLUSIONS. If you have allergies, you may ask to exclude "all masks" or "all food."
-PROCESSING TIME IS 15-25 BUSINESS DAYS for processing/packing, not including weekends or holidays. This does not include shipping time or posting your video.
-USA & CANADA shipping only
-As of February 11th, 2023, there is a fee for packing your video for TikTok. THESE HAVE LIMITED AVAILABILITY PER MONTH. Please see our TikTok video listing for this option. YOU MAY RECEIVE YOUR PACKAGE BEFORE YOUR VIDEO IS POSTED.

-Please review the Shop Policies page before purchasing.

-The Kawaii Scoop beads are on a 5 tier system. The higher the tier, the fewer the beads in the jar. All items are listed in their tiers below.

Possible items in the scoops include:

Tier 1 items (30-40 beads each)
-Mini journals
-Acrylic pins
-Bead rings
-Kitty note pads
-Nail buffers
-Mud masks
-Hair clips (2)
-Mini pop its
-Face masks
-Washi Tape
-Mochi toys
-Gel pens
-Stickers (5)
-Candy shaped ring holder
-Eye masks
-Lip masks
-Novelty pens
-Croc charms
-Mini bubble wands
-Temporary tattoos

Tier 2 items (15-25 beads each)
-Make up bags
-Nail brush
-Boba keychain
-Compact mirror
-Heart glasses
-Balloon Dog Keychain
-Gel Eyeliner
-Lip balm
-Fuzzy keychains
-Beauty blenders
-Stretchy fidgets
-Elastic chokers
-Gummy pizza

Tier 3 items (10 beads each)
-Squishy stress ball
-Sanitizer keychain
-Sanrio hair clips
-Coin purse
-Spa headband
-Compact brush
-Enamel pins

Tier 4 items (2-5 beads each)
-Free small scoop
-Gummy pack
-Full size candy
-Fuzzy socks
-Milk tea face cloth
-Claw clip
-Special pens
-Wrist cuffs (pack of 2)
-Sleep mask
-Make up pouch
-Sanrio scrunchie
-Purse/backpack (2 beads)
-Squishmallow (2 beads)
-Bear bottle (2 beads)
-Kitty night light (2 beads)

Tier 5 items (1 bead each)
-Roll for mystery box (6 mystery boxes packed in the same packaging so I do not know what box holds what items. Roll a 6 sided dice and get the mystery box for the number you rolled!) (These items could be products from other small businesses, Loungefly bags & other purses, hair accessories, candy, and more!)

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]