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THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items)

$35.00 - $43.00
Image of  THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items) Image of  THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items) Image of  THE KAWAII SCOOP (32-40 items)

The Kawaii Scoop comes in one XL size! You are guaranteed to get at least 32-40 items in this scoop.

Each bead shape & color represents a specific item. If I pull multiples of one type of bead, you get multiples of that item!

Every scoop comes with a FREEBIE!


-ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer refunds.
-LIMIT OF (3) EXCLUSIONS. If you have allergies, you may ask to exclude "all masks" or "all food."
-PROCESSING TIME IS 15-25 BUSINESS DAYS for processing/packing, not including weekends or holidays. This does not include shipping time or posting your video.
-USA shipping only
-As of February 11th, 2023, there is a fee for packing your video for TikTok. THESE HAVE LIMITED AVAILABILITY PER MONTH.
You must select this option at checkout for a video, no exceptions. IF YOU ORDER MULTIPLE SCOOPS AND WANT A VIDEO OF YOUR ORDER, you only need to select *Yes, I want a video of my order being packed* ONE time per order. Select no for the other scoops and you will still get a video.
-Please review the Shop Policies page before purchasing.

-The Kawaii Scoop beads are on a 5 tier system. The higher the tier, the fewer the beads in the jar. All items are listed in their tiers below.

Possible items in the scoops include:

Tier 1 items (20-25 beads each)
-Mini journals
-Acrylic pins
-Bead rings
-Kitty note pads
-Nail buffers
-Mud masks
-Hair clips (2)
-Mini pop its
-Face masks
-Mochi toys
-Gel pens
-Stickers (5)
-Candy shaped ring holder
-Eye masks
-Lip masks
-Novelty pens
-Croc charms
-Mini bubble wands

Tier 2 items (10-15 beads each)
-Make up bags
-Nail brush
-Boba keychain
-Compact mirror
-Heart glasses
-Washi Tape
-Balloon Dog Keychain
-Gel Eyeliner
-Lip balm
-Fuzzy keychains
-Beauty blenders
-Stretchy fidgets
-Enamel pins

Tier 3 items (7 beads each)
-Squishy stress ball
-Gummy pizza
-Sanitizer keychain
-Sanrio hair clips

Tier 4 items (2-4 beads each)
-Free small scoop
-Gummy pack
-Full size candy
-Coin purse
-Spa headband
-Compact brush
-Special cartoon pens
-Fuzzy socks
-Milk tea face cloth
-Claw clip
-Purse/backpack (2 beads)
-Squishmallow (2 beads)
-Bear bottle (2 beads)
-Kitty night light (2 beads)

Tier 5 items (1 bead each)
-Roll for mystery box (6 mystery boxes packed in the same packaging so I do not know what box holds what items. Roll a 6 sided dice and get the mystery box for the number you rolled!) (These items could be products from other small businesses, Loungefly bags & other purses, hair accessories, candy, and more!)

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]